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A Clear Path to Becoming Cyber Secure

Kryptos KOR.png

Kryptos KOR

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Kryptos KOR

Kryptos KCFK.png

Kryptos KCFK

Kryptos Cyber Range

Proven and Battle Tested Cyber Ops

The Kryptos Offensive Range (KOR) is a highly secure, customized platform for conducting penetration testing and red team exercises targeting standalone and operational environments. The KOR is rugged and portable for easy deployment, and contains all of the infrastructure needed to hit the ground running.

The Kryptos Cyber Field Kits (KCFK) contain a Light portable KOR for quick personal deployment and field use in tactical theater environments. Designed for remote use, the KCFK can operate independently and in concert with the KOR infrastructure to offer personnel the custom tools and equipment needed to perform defensive and offensive cyber field operations. 

Both the KOR and KCFKs are also the foundation for skills development and team training in simulated and emulated threat scenarios.

Converged Vulnerability Management

Clearpath is a tenable solutions partner and integrator for converged cloud, enterprise, and on-premises vulnerability management.


The convergence of vulnerability data across the enterprise includes deeper situational awareness into industrial process networks and components than ever before. As experts in ICS/SCADA cybersecurity ClearPath works with clients to maximize the value of these capabilities and empower multidisciplinary teams to better defend against, and recover from, cyber-based threats. 

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Risk Management

Building and implementing a risk management framework governing broad system types (ics/scada, it, iot, iiot) and diverse operational environments requires expert tailoring of proven standards and best practices. 

ClearPath accounts for the big picture all the way down to the wire. We also look at automation, multidisciplinary team dynamics, and quality-driven processes to ensure risks are understood, evaluated, mitigated, and eliminated where possible. 

With so many options and decisions to make, ClearPath helps set the goal and reach your summit.

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