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Path Setting

Some paths take awhile to find. After almost three decades building cyber strategy for industries, government agencies, and technology deployments, ClearPath was formed to make things easier for those seeking to combat the ever-changing cyber threatscape. 

We believe that clarity manifests first from threat awareness, second knowing where the weaknesses are, and third understanding risk tolerance through the lens of business. Our core solutions follow that path and we onboard quality partners to bridge the demand. By focusing on the basic principles of cyber protection we have overcome obstacles and challenges time and again for our clients - improving project performance, reducing resource demand, and ensuring safety and security.

Our company was formed by Veterans possessing an unyielding commitment to the mission and success for our customers. We go where you need us. Where the problems are systemic or condition-based. We find the solution that fits and integrate it with due consideration of the business model and operational demands of the environment. Most important - we listen. Over the years we have forged bonds with client teams around the globe through our relentless pursuit of the best end result.

Contact us to learn more about our philosophy of protection, or for insights into steps you can take toward enhanced cyber defense.  


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